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"Such a simple and effective way to help students learn how to talk face to face. I absolutely LOVED this set! My students thrived at something they are still learning how to do --> make a conversation. This is a skill that so many have forgotten to teach due to the pandemic, online learning, and just the general push of incorporating more technology in our classrooms. These cards teach students how to converse with one another in a creative, fun, and kind manner (finally no more gossip/drama!). I will be pushing my superintendent to purchase these cards in bulk for our district every time I see him until he does it."

Lindsay Pepper, 7th Grade English Language Arts Teacher

"As a teacher who prides himself on building relationships with my students in the classroom, IRC123! allows you to reach all of the students in the building. I found myself struggling to create meaningful relationships with students who I didn't have in the classroom. Using this tool as a lunch time ice breaker created discussions, bonds and a trust that echoed throughout the building. Quickly I found students wanting to play again even though I was trying to play with a different group each day. The game is simplistic in rules and design but thought-provoking enough to create those deeper level answers to questions that give you insight into your students' reflection of themselves, friends and the school.

Kyle Fraser, 6th Grade Math Teacher

"IRC123! is an excellent game to play with family or students. The topics on the cards encourage unique discussions and will provide you with different insights into your students’ or family members’ thoughts and experiences. My students really enjoyed having the opportunity to talk to one another in a meaningful way about their own experiences. Students rarely get a chance to connect with each other without teacher direction. This game allowed them to be in full control of the conversation while encouraging listening and conversational skills."

Angela Pagnozzi-Martin, Teacher of the Gifted & Talented

“IRC123! is a fun game that gets you talking to other players. The questions are thought-provoking and allowed conversations to flow naturally. We got to learn a lot about the other game players—even those we knew for years! My husband and I played it nightly as a way to unwind and talk at the end of a long day (we’re both teachers) and can’t wait to get more packs to use in our classrooms more!”

Gina, 7th/8th Grade Science Teacher

“These games are so much fun! They can be used in both formal and informal settings, within the classroom or just at home... Anyone can play, even complete strangers. They allow players to learn so much about each other. In IRC123!, the guided questions help to keep the conversation going. I like the fact that players are able to get points throughout the game in 5WH! Highly recommend!”

Seretha Gibson, Music Teacher

"These are great games that build interpersonal skills for students. This is great for both special education and general education. These games will build social skills."

Sheri, Middle School Teacher

“These are great conversation starter cards. There are lots of opportunities for students to connect with one another through shared similarities that may not have come up in day-to-day interactions. They are also thought-provoking! Given Covid mitigation strategies, we did the cards as a class and asked for students to volunteer responses.”

Kristin, 4th Grade Teacher 

"IRC123! is an awesome game! It's a fun and engaging way to build relationships and learn more about others. Students found the questions interesting and enjoyed sharing their thoughts. It fits well in many settings. I've used it during Advisory, as a quick warm-up, and during class."

Brandon Perry, History Teacher

"I would definitely describe these games as ones that spark thinking and are very engaging."

Victoria Vaglica, Special Education Teacher

"An engaging way to communicate with others that is timeless and beneficial. Fun for all ages!"

Christine Bemis, Educational Leader

"The first round I played with family. The second round was with friends, and after adult beverages, it was a whole different game!"

Jade Aliana aka Teacher Jade, Online & Homeschool Teacher

“This game was a lot of fun for my students to play. They enjoyed sharing their own experiences and it gave them a chance to practice listening to others in order to respond and recall. I look forward to using this game again in the New Year with my class.”

Brenda, Teacher

“IRC123! is an amazing game to get to know someone and share yourself with others. It was a great experience which can be had with everyone.”

Melodie, Teacher

“I had teens in a high school library play IRC123! They liked that it got them talking and made them think about answering and hearing what others had to say.”

Playtester, High School Librarian

“For a teacher that is required to teach SEL, I loved these games! It was a great way to know my students, work on active listening, and take turns throughout a small group setting. These games are easy enough for older kids to play alone and would make great games to play during social work, a morning meeting, or during indoor recess.”

Playtester, 5th Grade ENL Teacher

"IRC123! is a fun game that gets you talking to other players. The questions are thought-provoking and allowed conversations to flow naturally. We got to learn a lot about the other game players - even those we've known for years!"

Playtester, Teacher

"I think these are great thought-provoking games that really help people get to know one another. The questions are not surface level and at times you really have to take a minute to think and give an answer."

Playtester, School Guidance Counselor

"I would describe these games as card games that help people get to know one another on a level deeper than just their favorite color."

Playtester, 5th Grade Teacher