A warm hello and welcome to all!

:Clears throat - taps mic::

My name is Andrew and the image shown below is not me - BUT - it might as well be.

That is to say, I'm constantly at my workstation figuring out how I can help people and I think I've come up with a really great solution to a really serious problem.


May I suggest diving in to OUR STORY?

It may shed light on why I so deeply appreciate your readership on this blog, your continued engagement on Instagram, and your willingness to help spread the word about the work we are doing to help people of all ages enhance their communicative competence and have fun while doing it!

More information to follow on the development of our research-based game interventions and our journey as a company - but first, a simple question:

What would you like to know more about, specifically? 

The research behind the development of our game-based interventions?

The games themselves?

The ins and outs of running a startup LLC (careful what you wish for - this one is messy)?

Or maybe you're just wondering how to get your hands on a prototype to playtest?

We'll leave the conversation here and let your voices be heard.

Talk soon!

Andrew Canlé

Founder, EDUCanle LLC