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Mindset Moments

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“For me, Andrew’s book is like a jolt of really good and strong coffee early in the morning. It wakes you up and gets you fired up to do great things.”

Dr. Jim Knight, Senior Partner at Instructional Coaching Group and research associate at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning

"Mindset Moments has been a book that already I find myself coming back to again and again. We all need those daily "resets" and Andrew's book is filled with tools to help you reflect, understand, and move forward. This is a book that I will be gifting to others because of power that lies in the pages."

Todd Nesloney, Director of Culture & Strategic Leadership, TEPSA, author of When Kids Lead

"Mindset Moments is a powerful resource for educators that provides pathways to teach the core of growth mindset. The combination of the challenges embedded and video resources provide a call to action for both students and educators!"

Jessica Ryan, co-author of Growing a Growth Mindset: Unlocking Character Strengths Through Children's Literature

"An exciting call to action and a unique behind the scenes view of what it takes to thrive as an educator and leader in today's current K12 education system. Canlé reveals the myriad shifts to every day thinking that together inspire a renewed sense of hope starting with the belief that we are all an active part of the process of change. From visualization to authenticity, Canlé shows how slight shifts to your thinking open the door to larger shifts to your work each day in school."

Dr. Lindsay Portnoy, cognitive scientist and Associate Teaching Professor at Northeastern University and author of Game On? Brain On! and Designed to Learn

Mindset Moments outlines not just ideas, but true action steps that educators can take to overcome struggles and refocus as they pursue their passion and purpose. The framework and outline of this book allow for deep reflection of thought-provoking questions, solution-oriented ideas, and the opportunity to apply our learning and discoveries to our work. You will find yourself implementing these Mindset Moments strategies immediately in all areas of your life, both professional and personal.”

Kelly Hoggard, Educator, Mentor, and Author of Champ for Kids

“Andrew Canlé has done a masterful job in creating Mindset Moments just in time! Mindset Moments provides easy access to students and adults to the theories, methods, and tools that everyone requires to navigate successfully through today’s turbulent times! Brilliant!!”

Rich Hawkins, Ed.D., Director of Educational Leadership, The College of St. Rose, co-author of Designing School Systems for All Children

“I love this book! Andrew Canlé lays it out perfectly for educators in this easy, practical, and empowering read. He shares stories, research, and simple steps to power through the challenges that so many educators face. After reading Mindset Moments, I feel more energized and equipped to handle and overcome the barriers that hold us back. Andrew nailed it in this book!”

Andrew Marotta NY Principal, Author, Speaker, and Leader of the #survivethrive movement

The author and creator of mindset moments

Meet Andrew!

Andrew J. Canlé is an assistant principal and wellness coordinator from the New York Metropolitan area helping kids cultivate a positive mindset through weekly focus questions on his YouTube channel show, EDUCanle Presents Mindset Moment of the Week. Andrew’s writing has been featured in publications like The Marshall Memo, Edutopia, MiddleWeb, DisruptED TV Magazine and the EDCamp Foundation. Andrew is a district certified administrator enrolled in Hofstra University's doctoral program for educational and policy leadership where he is studying the effectiveness of game-based interventions on student social competence. Andrew is passionate about helping educators and believes his book provides a helpful framework!