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Social games with a twist

Our Story


“As a teacher who prides himself on building relationships with my students in the classroom, IRC123! allows you to reach all of the students in the building.”

Kyle Fraser
6th Grade Math Teacher

“This is an excellent game to play with family or students. This game allowed them to be in full control of the conversation while encouraging listening and conversational skills.”

Angela Pagnozzi-Martin
Teacher of the Gifted & Talented

“IRC123! is a fun game that gets you talking to other players. The questions are thought-provoking and allowed conversations to flow naturally."

7th/8th Grade Science Teacher

“This game is so much fun! It can be used in both formal and informal settings, within the classroom or just at home... Anyone can play!"

Seretha Gibson
Music Teacher

“This is a great game that builds interpersonal skills for students. This is great for both special education and general education. This game will also help build social skills.”

Middle School Teacher

“IRC123! is an awesome game! It’s a fun and engaging way to build relationships and learn more about others. Students found the questions interesting and enjoyed sharing their thoughts. It fits well in many settings. I’ve used it during Advisory, as a quick warm-up, and during class.”

Brandon Perry
History Teacher