Social Games With A Twist

2023 Research Scholar Award Winner!

The research behind IRC123! is award winning for its data analysis, methodology and implications of findings. Highlighted in the Hofstra Horizons Research Magazine, IRC123! is currently being played in hundreds of schools across America to rave reviews!

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Conversations with Charisma Game Bundle AND IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE

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Conversations With Charisma Game Bundle

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IRC123! Module 1: Beginner Conversations

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Cue'd Up! Module 3: Advanced Conversations

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EDUCanle Mystery Game!

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We create research-based games for kids to improve social skills

Social Games With A Twist


All games are social but our games teach you how to be social.


We cultivate interpersonal skills through tabletop gameplay to improve life satisfaction.


We gamify the forgotten literacy of conversation to improve communication, enhance well-being, strengthen peer relationships, and develop a sense of belonging and connectedness.


Teachers - Parents - Social Workers - Counselors - Psychologists - Behaviorists - Introverts - Extroverts - Couples - Friends - Families - Your Boredom

Beginner Conversations

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